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Hi everyone! I'm Lucia, a pharmacy student, and I want to tell you about my short, but rich, Erasmus+ adventure! 

I was in Malta for two months, to do two of the six months of traineeship, expected for my course of studies (before the degree). 

I worked in an hospital pharmacy and I could try lots of different activities that a pharmacist carry out, experiencing also something that here in Italy is, unfortunately, not possible, like clinical pharmacy and medical information. 

But, in addition to this, I could challenge myself about the problem of anxiety, that characterizes me in the everyday life, despite my curiosity and willingness to do new things: I understood that you just have to catch all the opportunities that life offers even if you are afraid at the beginning, because when you will be into them, it will be awesome!!

To conclude I can say that it was amazing enjoying all the beauties of the Island, that I visited far and wide, meeting new people and learning about maltese culture and not only!!

So my advice is to try this experience, in any place of the World , because I'm sure when you will come back you will be richer in your mind!!




Hello! My name is Lucrezia and I want to tell you about my experience of Erasmus + for Traineeship. I started this adventure last May, after less than a mounth from my graduation day (master degree in Human Nutrition Sciences). At the beginning I was worried becouse I left alone, I didnt know the country (Malta) and I didnt speak and understand very well English. But I was very curious and the first day I decided to go to La Valletta, the capital of Malta; I immediately got the wrong direction of the bus becouse there they drive in the opposite side!! (ok, not bad for the first day). But, since the first week I enjoyed my work, I liked my collegues and I met some friends (italian and not). I passed three mounths very well with all of them, I started to speak and understand english and, of course, some maltese words (in particular the names of vegetables becouse I worked in a clinic for eating disorder and obesity). Everybody liked my job and the boss offered me the opportunity to do a placement study for another three mounths. So, I accepted and I am still here, in Malta!!!
It was a very good experience.
Go, dont miss this opportunity!!!



Hi guys, let me share with you this amazing experience! It has been six months of challenges and emotions. I left from Italy like a child with a dream and now I am back with a luggage full of experiences. I can’t believe it’s already over and all I could do now is rewinding all the precious moments that I spent with the most cheerful, crazy and unique people I will ever probably meet. This Erasmus has been for me a blessing, I discovered who I am and what I want to become one day and I am so grateful for all I had and for all the life-lasting friends that now I have all over the Earth. Words will never be enough to express the overwhelming feelings this experience gave me. I had probably the time of my life in this unexpected warm-hearted city that is Frankfurt and I miss everything and everyone. A  part of me will remain there forever. So don’t be shy, open your mind at the world and start a new fantastic experience.  Thank you for your attention and I hope to see you soon somewhere in this crazy World!


faro Hi to everyone, I’m Christian and I’m gonna share with you my experience in Faro, Portugal. At the beginning, I was really scared to leave my country, I remind in fact that the first “goodbye” was really hard but immediately after I could understand how right was this choice. Someone may say that is not a useful thing; I am sure to declare the exact opposite; To know different people, cultures and languages is a magnificent gift that you can give to yourself! Why a gift? Because the emotions that you feel inside meanwhile to do it are really wonderful, in order to wide your view and your horizons I suggest you to try! It’s not an only contingency of work, the main part of us, the main part of students that choose to do this experience usually come back with a different sense of belonging, whatever may the country, we often feel to belong to something bigger, Europe or the world if you prefer. 
Focusing on my personal grow, this amazing period made me more reasonable, my character now is different, it’s impossible to avoid. You will be tailor to fit to different places, people, situations and challenges! Due to this, lots of companies tend to employ Erasmus students.
Take a chance to achieve a better future, don’t restrain your potential!
I suggest you to go beyond your limits and your border, don’t be afraid!
You should trust me, don’t hesitate. Make your life spectacular!


giacomoHi guys, I’m Giacomo and I’m going to share with you my Erasmus experience. I had studied pharmacy and I lived my six months in Cardiff to perform my thesis project. If you’re wondering that you are not ready for that, you’re wrong, because it was my first time in a chemistry lab and I succeeded. I know you’re thinking about the hurdles that you have to deal with, but don’t hesitate. If you’re curious to learn another language, finding another culture out, be brave and take the chance, because if you lose it you’re going to regret it. Currently I’m working in a pharma company, and when I had my interview, what they were more focused about was my Erasmus. They really appreciated it, because if you’re able to leave your place and build another life up, it means you’re proactive and dynamic.

So, all I can do is pass on to you the passion of someone who was scared, someone who travelled, learnt and enjoyed his trip, and what can I say more, of course I became better in chemistry!
Give it a go, trust me!


michela chielli foto

Ready to go! I lived two “Erasmus lives”: one in Malta and another one in France. So different experiences, so different cultures, so different people… so satisfying!!! My first experience was in Malta where I spent 3 months doing an internship as a clinical pharmacist in a Hospital. One of the best times of my life! I put n practice what I had been studying for years. People and places are amazing in Malta! The adventure in Clermont-ferrand (France) was completely different but amazing as well! I worked in a laboratory performing some experiments in order to continue my thesis project after graduation. Living in different countries and meeting different people make you conscious that there is something beautiful to discover in every place…just go and explore! But the most important thing you can understand is who you are, who you want to be and what kind of life you want to live! Michela Chielli


silvia n

Hi guys! I'm Silvia Ligi and now I'm working for Johnson & Johnson, as Raw Material Centre-Project Leader. I graduated in Medicinal Chemistry and Technology at the University of Perugia, in 2015. In 2014, thanks to Erasmus Program, I have spent 6 months in Strasbourg to perform my experimental thesis, working with Melanoma cells and Mastocytes. When I was looking for a job, in all the interviews that I had, recruiters have focused on this experience abroad. And now, I understand why! Meet a new city, new colleagues, a new team, new laboratories, build new certainties and a new daily routine, are very big challenges that allow you to gain a strong spirit of survival and adaptation. I have understood this, changing 3 different jobs in 3 different cities in 11 months. We are required to be the generation with the luggages always ready. At the beginning is not easy, but what you reach at the end is a priceless heritage. to conclude, what I would like to advise you is to take advantage of all the opportunity that you will find in your way, because you are in the most crucial point of your life, and it is now that you build the professional of tomorrow. Don't think so much, just leave! Good luck! "


img 20170906 043106 929Hi guys, I’m Simone Minisci and I'm studying  Pharmacy. Last year  I spent six months in Cardiff (Wales) to perform my project thesis in organic synthesis.  It was the first time for me in the world of practical chemistry and even if it was hard initially, then I learned and improved everything thanks to a wonderful team. The first period abroad would seem really difficult for everyone to face it because of different cultures, different languages and new people but after a bit you become part of it and everything around you look interesting. It has been for sure one of the most exciting and satisfying experience of my entire life ever. It allowed me to meet lots of people from each part of the world, from different cultures and with different horizons. An Erasmus experience makes you no longer a citizen of your origin’s place but of all Europe, all world and it changes yourself. So, have no fear and do it!!

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