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Ph.D Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Macchiarulo

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Vice Coordinator: Prof. Francesca Marini

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The Ph.D program in Pharmaceutical Sciences is part of the efforts that the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences constantly pursues and devotes to promote Ph.D. students. It offers rigorous grounding in a broad range of disciplines related to drug discovery and nutraceuticals, that are critical to shaping successful next-generation scientists. Two curricula of choice are currently structured in the program: (i) Early Phase Drug Discovery, (ii) Pharmaceutical Technology and Nutraceuticals. Talented Italian and foreign students are trained in a highly collaborative atmosphere using multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to develop expertise and gain skills that will enable them to excel in later career paths of choice, including academic, industrial and regulatory sectors. Features of the Ph.D program in Pharmaceutical Sciences include a close collaboration with international Universities and pharmaceutical companies, and a special emphasis on enhancing communication and leadership skills. Doctoral students actively participate in research stages abroad and deliver seminars. They also benefit from regular workshops and thematic courses, which facilitate exchange of information and building of knowledge. Collectively, these activities provide them with the opportunity to address their research topic from different perspectives. Several research projects of the Ph.D program in Pharmaceutical Sciences are currently supported by European, National, and private funding organizations. Applications are welcome!


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=Documents and Links to Application Forms

 o  Regulations of the Ph.D. Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences

 o  General Regulations of the Ph.D. Programs of the University of Perugia

 o  Application forms

 o  Application form for research stages abroad  


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 o  Universidade Federal de Pelotas - Brasil

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